Trump Issues Dire Warning To Biden’s Administration — But Is It Too Late?

Former President, Donald Trump, just gave an exclusive interview to Fox News, where he issued a terrifying warning to every American Citizen. Trump says that Biden and his administration are taking the worst approach possible to China, and that the current message system to Beijing showcases an incredible amount of weakness to China.

Biden spoke to Chinese President, Xi Jinping, in September on the phone for the second time since he took office. The White House claims that Biden made it clear that discussion with Xi was part of the ongoing effort for the United States to manage responsibly the ever-growing competition between the PRC and the U.S.A.

The White House said that during the call, the leaders both discussed the responsibility of each nation ensuring competition doesn’t turn into a conflict between the two countries. And since that phone call, officials from the White House have said that they are welcoming to stiff competition coming from China.

But Trump doesn’t think Biden and his administration’s strategy is at all effective. He said that this tactic shows China how wear we are. Trump says that when he was the President, China respected us, but that they do not respect us anymore, and that it’s very sad.

During Trump’s administration, he signed a Phase 1 trade agreement in January 2020 with China, which eased the hostility between the two largest economies of the word, after decade of complaints aimed at Beijing for manipulating currency and for stealing secrets of trade from firms in America.

The agreement forced Beijing to commit to a halt of intellectual property theft, currency manipulation and cooperation in financial services as well as an agreement to buy $200 billion worth of products from America between 2020-2021. Despite this agreement, U.S. intelligence officials maintained their stance that China poses a grave security threat to America.

Biden’s administration is engaged in competition with China, but has also said that they understand that China is becoming more assertive and more than capable of using it’s diplomatic, economic, military and tech power to challenge the international system. Basically, if China decides to get ugly while Biden is in office, we are in for a world of trouble.

Author: Jessie Burns