Trump Has a Genius Solution To The Border Crisis – But Biden Is Too Afraid To Use It

Back when Trump was in office, everything was better. Ever since Biden stepped foot into the presidency the nation has been in an uproar of violence, economic crises and disasters of epic proportion. But apparently, when Trump was in office, he had one idea to take care of the biggest crisis that has plagued Biden’s presidency – the border crisis.

When Trump was President, he and the members of his administration strategically planned how they were going to get the southern border secure, before they were persuaded not to use these tactics.

It came to light that Trump and his DHS were planning on sending over 250,000+ troops down to the border in the spring of 2020. This is over half of the active soldiers in the United States Army.

Trump was also planning on sending American troops down into Mexico to get to the bottom of the drug cartels. To hunt them down and bring them to justice. It was a mission that’s similar to our efforts to track down and kill Afghani and Pakistani terrorists. But Trump relented after his advisors said that many of our allies would view this strategy as a declaration of war against America’s close ally, as well as the USA’s biggest partner in trading.

Trump understood that border security at the U.S.-Mexico border was vital, especially as the COVID pandemic continued to rage. He tried his best to think outside of the box, thinking of implementing spikes that would pierce flesh, an alligator-filled moat, shooting immigrants in the legs or even a heat ray.

The enormous number of troops Trump wanted to place at the border would have been 1/6th of all of the U.S. forces. It would have been the biggest use of the military in the United States since Civil War times.

It’s hard to imagine what could have happened if Trump had gone through with his plan, but one thing is for sure – America would have been safer. We wouldn’t have this wave of COVID-infected illegals or violent cartel members pouring into our communities. Because Trump wouldn’t have allowed it. He was willing to do everything possible to keep America safe, and to Make America Great Again.

Author: Larry Hansen