Trump Gives Zuckerberg a Piece Of His Mind — And a Little Something Extra

The Facebook “Supreme Court” decided on Wednesday to maintain a permanent ban on President Trump in a desperate attempt to silence him.

Trump didn’t take too kindly to the decision though and made it clear that the Big Tech media companies have to pay a price for their tyranny. Trump went on to call Liberal-run Big Tech conglomerates a “total embarrassment and disgrace.”

Trump got the last laugh, however, after releasing his own communication platform just days before the decision. Trump accused the radical left “lunatics” of being afraid of the truth, and unleashed a not-so veiled threat, reiterating that the American people will not stand for this kind of communist dictatorship.

Trump’s revolutionary new platform give followers access to all of his new videos, images, posts and comments, all of which can be shared on the very outlets in which Trump is banned.

While the new site doesn’t allow users to engage with Trump directly, the former President has hinted multiple times that there is “more to come” soon.

Meanwhile, Facebook continues to hold strong to their stance that what they did was “right.” All it really is though is a laughable excuse for a more sinister agenda, to silence those they don’t agree with, and those they deem a threat.

Author: Sally Malenski

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