Trump Gives Terrifying Warning About What’s Coming Thanks To Biden’s Failures

Trump just blasted Biden and his long list of repeated failures to secure peace in Eastern Europe as “negotiations” with President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, continue to fail. Trump warned of the painful consequences that are coming all thanks to Biden’s America, and how it will affect America.

Trump made a statement saying, “If properly handled, there was absolutely no reason that the situation currently happening in Ukraine should have happened at all. I know Vladimir Putin very well, and he would have never done during the Trump Administration what he is doing now, no way! Russia has become very very rich during the Biden Administration, with oil prices doubling and soon to be tripling and quadrupling.”

He then continued, “The weak sanctions are insignificant relative to taking over a country and a massive piece of strategically located land. Now it has begun, oil prices are going higher and higher, and Putin is not only getting what he always wanted, but getting, because of the oil and gas surge, richer and richer. The U.S. was energy independent under the Trump Administration, an independence that we had never obtained before, and oil prices would have remained low. Now, what a mess our Country is in!”

Trump’s statement comes right on the heels of the Deputy Chair of Russian’s Federation Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, confirming that the NordStream 2 pipeline of oil is now being used by Russian strategists as an economic weapon. Biden lifted the sanctions that Trump had originally placed on the pipeline, and as you can see, it’s going very well. Not.

And in the meantime, Putin just obtained his approval to move forward with his military action outside of Russia’s borders on Tuesday morning, which is likely proof that he is planning to invade even further into the Ukrainian Region.