Trump Gets The Ultimate Revenge On Traitorous RINOs

Former President Donald Trump sent “cease-and-desist” letters to the NRSC, NRCC and RNC, demanding that they can no longer use his name and likeness to promote fundraising.

The letters are an attempt to block money that may end up in the hands of RINO candidates who have been disloyal to him.

The RNC responded by saying that they have no intention to stop using Trump for its fundraising pitches, claiming First Amendment protection for use of a “public figures” images.

Trump emailed his supporters directly, instructing them to supply their donations directly to his political action committee instead of organizations which may be supporting RINOs.

“No more money for RINOS” he said, claiming that they are damaging the party and will “never lead us to Greatness.”

Senator Rick Scott of Florida believes that if the Republican Party rallies under Trump, they can flip the Democrat-controlled senate seats in 2022. “We got 74 million votes” he explained, saying that the number can be even higher “if we work together.”

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