Trump Finally Gets Involved In The “Let’s Go Brandon” Trend

Last Saturday night, former President Donald Trump made certain that liberal outrage got pushed up to a level 10, and all he had to do was smile.

Baseball fans who attend the four game world series, and specifically those who were there during game 4 of the series, because President Donald Trump and the First Lady, Melania, made an appearance. And boy was President trump in for a treat, because during the game, the crowd started chanting “Let’s go Brandon,” at him and Melania.

And how did Trump respond? With a big old smile. He absolutely loved the now-infamous phrase that is really just a front for “Fu** Joe Biden.”

The phrase, “Let’s go Brandon” went viral after an NBC reporter either intentionally or accidentally misheard a crowd at NASCAR. She believed the crowd was shouting “Let’s Go Brandon” in honor of Brandon Brown, but in reality, they were chanting “f*** Joe Biden” to show their displeasure with the current President of the United States.

Since then, the phrase has broken the internet and has become popular at public events all around the nation. And what’s more is that there are now several songs that include the phrase that are now sitting at the top of the charts in apple music in the past few weeks. Bryson Gray did a Let’s Go Brandon rap, and that’s currently number one, and there are two other songs called Let’s Go Brandon that are by Loza Alexander. They are also in the top ten slots.

President Trump and Melania attended the game at the World Series that was the Atlanta Braves against the Houston Astros. The Atlanta Braves took the victory home and they are now leading the series with their 3-1 record.

Trump’s smile wasn’t the only thing that pissed off liberals, though. He was also seen doing the now-controversial tomahawk chop, which is a celebratory gesture, but pisses off liberals like no others. Trump himself is a Braves fan, and it just proves that he doesn’t really need to do much to tick off Democrats. Something as simple as a smile and a simple arm movement has the country up in arms. Meanwhile Biden does actual damage and no one bats an eye. He ruins the economy and instigates medical tyranny within the U.S., and that’s okay, but Trump smiles and everyone loses their minds. These are strange times we live in. Very strange, indeed.

Author: Lucas Penn