Trump Faces Threat From Within — But It’s Not All Bad News

A straw poll at the Western Conservative Summit revealed that respondents more favorably rank Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over former President Trump as a candidate for the 2024 election year.

The poll was conducted by the WCP and surveyed attendants of this past weekend’s 2021 WCP event at the Centennial Institute of Colorado’s Christian University, a public policy think tank.

The company used a polling method called the “approval method,” which allows respondents to check multiple responses on each question, including the question of who they most approved of amongst 2024 candidates.

The top 5 candidates revealed that Trump faces a stark but friendly rival in the form of DeSantis, who peaked the chart with a 74.12% favorability rating compared with Trump’s 71.43% rating. The third place spot wasn’t even close, with Ted Cruz pulling in 42.86% and Mike Pompeo receiving 39.35%. The lowest ranked individuals as can be expected, were all Democrat candidates, with Michael Bloomberg being the least well-received.

The second question asked of respondents was which of 25 different policy issues was the most important to them. Of the issues presented, the top two were Border Security at 82%, and Election Integrity at 79%. Other popular issues were Religious Freedom, which was a priority for 75%, Federal Spending ranked 74% and Gun Rights at 74%. Of issues not concerning the members of the WCS, were COVID at 9%, Environment / Climate Change 9%, and then a precipitous drop for issues such as Diversity & Inclusion and LGBTQ matters falling to 5%.

A straw poll conducted earlier in the year at CPAC revealed that Trump and DeSantis were the lead candidates, however, the poll did not allow for respondents to vote for both candidates, instead making them choose between the two.

Of that poll, it was revealed that 55% of respondents said that they would vote for Trump should he choose to run again, where only 21% of respondents said the same of DeSantis, and 4% for Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota. In the event of Trump not running for president in 2024, 43% said they would cast their vote for DeSantis and 11% for Noem.

Since the CPAC poll was conducted, DeSantis has continued to receive national attention for his standard-setting record as a Republican Governor, a standard by which all other GOP governors now seem to be compared.

Author: Conrad Andrews