Trump Engages In Knockout Drag Out With Top RINO

Top RINO Representative Liz Cheney from Wyoming is currently en route to New Hampshire to position herself as a Republican leading the charge against opponent party member, former President Donald Trump.

The New Hampshire Union Leader reports that Cheney is a keynote speaker for a major event in the state, one of the most critical primary state’s for Republican presidential elections. Her bid for support comes amidst rumors and speculations that Trump will run for the White House yet again in 2024. The congresswoman is lobbying Republican voters as well as Republican representatives in Congress to stop supporting Trump. She claims that he was wrong to suggest that the 2020 election might have been stolen and that his unwillingness to formally concede defeat to Joe Biden disqualifies him from legitimate political leadership and public office.

Cheney, daughter of the former Vice President Dick Cheney, is currently embroiled in a pitched battle for reelection at home, with Trump and his supporters mobilizing against her within Republican primaries. This month, Trump officially endorsed Harriet Hageman over a selection of other candidates, which will severely reduce the odds anti-Cheney votes being split up in the primary and preventing the incumbent from holding on.

After Cheney betrayed Trump and voted alongside Democrat Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi to impeach the former president, he called her “a bitter, horrible human being,” who he added “is bad for the Republican Party.” Trump also mentioned that after the midterm election, he expects she will reduced to “a Paid Contributor” for leftist news networks.

Cheney also broke bonds with Republicans and joined the Democrats when she supported the creation of a kangaroo-court to investigate the events of January 6 and the Capitol riot.

Trump is extremely popular in Wyoming, taking 70% of the vote in the two most recent elections. This suggests that Cheney has a tough uphill battle for reelection after stabbing Trump in the back.

The congresswoman has nevertheless vowed to run for office again and is confident that she can win. Cheney has not ruled out making her own presidential bid in 2024 but said that for now she is focused on 2022.

Author: Maryann Sanders