Trump Drains The Swamp — Liz Cheney Down The Drain

Now former House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney has been removed from her leadership position as of Wednesday by vote

During her final meeting as the third-most powerful House Republican, Cheney warned that people should not spread “destructive lies,” referencing claims that the 2020 election results were illegitimate. She doubled down on making it clear that she does not support such claims.

Cheney said that she holds “affection and admiration” for many of the people in the room, and said that they were all in Washington in order to “do important work for the nation.” But she said that the party cannot allow Trump to “drag us backward and make us complicit” as he attempts to “unravel our democracy.” She warned that following Trump leads to “destruction. . . potentially the destruction of our country.” Finally she said that if the party wants leaders who will “enable” Trump: “I’m not your person” and that there are “others to choose from. . . that will be there legacy.”

While Cheney’s replacement has not yet been selected, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is a visible frontrunner for the vacant position, however, she has received some resistance from more conservative members of the caucus.

Author: Derek Nichols

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