Trump Could Face Criminal Charges If Jan. 6 Committee Isn’t Stopped

The worst mistake House Republicans made is giving subpoena powers to the hyper-partisan House Select Committee investigating the events leading up to Jan. 6 protests.

They’ve weaponized that power to recommend criminal charges for former Trump associates merely for deciding not to participate in their reindeer games.

This week, the 1/6 Witch Hunters demanded two more Trump advisers be held in contempt of Congress based on utter lies and misrepresentations of the truth — not to mention a blatant abuse of their subpoena powers.

The House select committee unanimously recommended that Peter Navarro and Dan Scavino, aides to Former President Donald Trump, be held in contempt of Congress for failing to cooperate with its subpoenas.

The panel’s vote will permit the recommendation to be considered by the full House.

“The public is still searching for accountability,” Mississippi Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, the panel’s chairman, said in a statement released on Monday.

You can read the statement here.

Rep. Thompson claimed that Scavino “strung us along for months before making it clear that he believes he’s above the law.” In fact, it was the committee itself that was responsible for a delay of “months”: as the contempt report makes clear, it did not attempt to write to Scavino between December 9, 2021, and February 4, 2022, despite receiving a response from Scavino’s attorneys to the December 9 letter on December 13.

The contempt report also falsely claims that Scavino refused “to comply with the Select Committee’s subpoena in any way,” though the correspondence referred to by the report itself reveals Scavino’s attorneys said he would comply once he had known the scope of the inquiry, and had clarity about the extent to which executive privilege would cover his testimony.

Both former aides claimed that executive privilege, a concept granting some confidentiality to executive branch employees, prevents them from having to comply with the panel’s investigation. Thompson disputed those claims as did other members of the panel, who said the concept does not negate congressional subpoenas.

As midterm elections approach, it appears the lucrative House Select Committee is desperate to put some high-profile Trump officials behind bars as to improve their standing with the American public.

Too little, too late.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth