Trump Continues To Lead Nation While Biden Turns His Back

Former President Trump announced on Tuesday that he will be traveling to the southern U.S. border amidst President Biden’s escalating border crisis which appointee Vice President Harris has continually avoided visiting.

Trump made a statement of public acceptance of Texas Governor Abbott’s invitation to join him on an official visit of the “decimated Southern Border.” Trump added to his statement that Biden managed to turn “the strongest, safest. . . most secure border in [American] history” into the “worst border crisis” in a matter of mere weeks.

Trump continued by lambasting Biden and Harris for failing to personally witness the crisis that they created, or give a visit to ICE or Border Patrol agents who Trump says the Biden administration has burdened with so much red tape as to “make their job totally impossible.” Trump added that Biden and Harris were guilty of “a grave and willful dereliction of duty,” and said that he hopes to shine a light on the border situation as well as encourage ICE and Border Patrol by showing them that they have the nation’s “unshakable support.”

Biden’s border crisis worsens every month, as more illegal migrants attempt to cross the southern border in record numbers. Last month marked the worst record seen in the Department of Homeland Security’s history which was founded in 2022.

May of 2021 saw over 180,000 attempted crossings according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. They said that single adults comprise the majority of those seeking to get into the U.S.

The disastrous figure represents a 674% increase in border activity since May of the previous year, where 23,237 illegal migrants were apprehended, representing the worst situation in over two decades.

The Trump administration had the border well secured by 2019, and kept numbers low throughout 2020, but Biden’s border crisis erupted the moment he stepped into office.

Retired U.S. Border Patrol officer Randy Clark said that inside sources at the agency told him that they estimate over 250,000 illegal aliens have avoided capture and entered the United States.

Biden has intentionally hindered the ability of Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to remove illegal aliens from America’s streets. The Washington Post reports that the Biden administration’s new rules, aimed at “curtailing immigration enforcement” have resulted in ICE carrying out less than 3,000 deportations in the past month which represents a record low.

Democrats sought to eliminate ICE entirely, but Biden instead put agents on such a tight leash that they report that their work is functionally abolished.

Author: Ellen Woods