Trump Calls for Major Boycott After Liberal Disrespect

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For the third year in a row, President Trump will not be attending the White House Correspondents Association dinner. The media-led event has been bashed by Trump, who has no interest in hobnobbing with an industry he called “the enemy of the people.” This year, he’s taking it a step further, encouraging his administration to outright boycott the event.

It may seem strange that a president would not attend an event with the words “White House” in it. But when you realize this dinner is a celebration of everything Trump has come to despise, it makes sense. The White House Correspondents Association dinner is an event meant to celebrate the First Amendment’s protection of free press.

What it really is, is a night where the arrogant elite of the news industry come together to indulge. Thousands of dollars are spent on a lavish night of food, drinks, and pictures with important politicians. Journalists from New York and Washington (and parts beyond) gather to see and be seen. It is a night where fake news peddlers pat themselves on the back for all the damage they’ve caused to this country.

It’s fitting that Trump has refused to show up at an event that is attended by mostly far-left “journalists.”

This year, he’s taking his stance even further, encouraging the rest of his administration to boycott it. Instead, he will be attending an event that really matters, a rally with Americans.

It was confirmed on Tuesday that President Donald Trump has ordered his administration to boycott the White House Correspondents Association dinner, an event he has skipped the past two years. Trump has made his disdain for the annual dinner known on more than one occasion, calling the event outright “boring” last year. This year, the president plans to hold a 2020 campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on the night of the dinner…

“White House Cabinet Secretary Bill McGinley announced that all Trump administration officials are being ordered to boycott the dinner,” The Washington Times reported Tuesday.

A senior official from the administration said Trump “and members of his administration will not attend the White House Correspondents Dinner this year. Instead, Saturday evening President Trump will travel to Green Bay, Wisconsin where he will hold a campaign rally.” [Source: Daily Caller]

It’s sad that a sitting president would boycott an event that is supposed to celebrate our nation’s upholding of the Free Press. But can you blame him? Our media industry is so corrupt, dishonest, and biased, few Americans even trust it anymore.

The First Amendment exists so that honest journalist with integrity would have the freedom to report on what’s really happening in our country. Without fear of being arrested.

Today, the vast majority of our news companies are basically PR firms for the Democratic Party. They aren’t interested in reporting “just the facts.” They only seek to spin stories or invent rumors just to slander President Trump.

Why should he waste his time–and the time of his staff–in a pointless event, surrounded by people who have called him a racist, sexist, Nazi, and Russian puppet?

Last year, he attended a packed-out rally in Michigan. This year, he will do the same in Wisconsin. President Trump would rather spend time with people who love and respect him: American patriots. Why should he attend a dinner among his enemies, when he can go to a stadium full of people ready to reelect him?

Trump has won for the common man again and again. The economy is soaring, taxes are low, paychecks are bigger. Regular Americans like you and me and doing much better than we were two years ago. We have many reasons to cheer at the sight of our leader.

Democrats pretending to be honest reporters? Not so much. They have spent the last two years slamming Trump, even though his presidency has been the single biggest thing to boost their rating and views.

This year, I’m much more looking forward to seeing Trump host a great rally in Green Bay, than watching a room full of the worst people in America get fat on expensive meals.

Don’t you agree?

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