Trump Beats Out Biden In Every U.S. Region But This One

If you needed any more evidence that Biden was doing terrible and that Trump was owning the political scene right now, here it is. Trump is taking the win over Biden in every single region in the United States except one, a recent poll revealed on Monday. This is among election voters specifically, people who voted in the 2020 election.

Even in the south, Trump is owning Biden by more than a full percent. Trump is at 45.8% and Biden is at 44.6%. In the Midwest, Trump is at 45.9 and Biden is at 44.9%. And in the west itself Trump stands tall at 42.4%, while Biden stands small at 39.7%. The only place that Trump is not on top of is in the northeast where Biden stands at 53.6%, and Trump stands at 39.1%.

All of the survey respondents were asked one simple questions: If the election were happening today for the President, and Trump and Biden were the only candidates, who would you vote for? Overall, the poll shows that Biden and Trump are tied statistically. Biden has a very small edge over Trump at 45% compared to 44%.

This new data showcases a notable change in the outlook of Biden’s Presidency and how the nation is thinking as a whole. Because just back in September, Biden was holding a steady four-point lead when compared to Trump. (46% to 42.1%)

The poll also revealed some interesting information about how Trump is swiping voters in different demographics away from Biden.

Trump is now the leader on people between the ages of 45-64. (41.8% support Biden vs 45.8% support Trump) He also leads in those that are over the age of 65. (39.3% Biden vs 50.7% Trump) And women (44.9% Trump vs. 41.9% Biden) White People (50.2% Trump vs. 38.4% Biden) Independents (46.2% Trump vs 36.9% Biden) Suburbanites (47% Trump vs. 39.4% Biden) Rural Voters (54.8% Trump vs 37.2% Biden) And Married Women (52.2% Trump vs 40.0%)

What’s even more promising is that Trump has gained over people who used to be Biden supporters. Just one example is his Black supporters. He moved from 18.1% support to 20.3% support in October.

And Spanish voters are even more, because Trump gained 14.6% of their votes.

He’s also flipped the script for married women, who used to be neck and neck on Trump vs. Biden supporter. Trump now leads married women with 53.2% compared to Biden 40%.

Biden’s numbers are at the lowest they’ve ever been.

Author: Nicki Crane