Trump Ally Sends Disturbing Warning To Former President

Democrat prosecutors have recently ramped up their efforts to probe into Former President Trump’s financial records. The ultra-partisan investigation is being used to find any way, any semblance of a “crime” to indict him on simply to distract Americans from the voter fraud being snuffed out in Arizona’s Maricopa County.

Long-time Trump ally and former adviser warned InfoWars viewers of the Democrats’ plan to indict Trump, saying very soon, around July 4, they will finally unleash their indictments.

Watch the interview now before Big Tech zaps it from existence:

“If they want to go after the president on fabricated charges, then we will establish this is a partisan witch hunt,” Sone told Alex Jones, adding, “They have no probably cause. It’s disgraceful.”

Time will tell what the Democrats have up their sleeve, but Stone’s prediction doesn’t seem baseless given the recent acceleration of the investigation into Trump’s business dealings in New York and abroad.

Author: Nolan Sheridan