Trudeau Abuses Power To ‘Deal With’ Truckers – But It Comes Back To Bite Him Big Time

In Ottawa, Ontario, Truckers that have remained in the area say that they don’t feel deterred by the fact that Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, is using the Emergencies Act to try and get rid of them. They say this is just another example of a “power grab” and that they have every intention of continuing their protest.

One trucker in the protest went as far as staying opted to resign from the trucking company he works for after they suspended him on Monday.

Edward Martyrosya, another trucker attending the protest said, “The more they are trying to put us to the corner, the more we are willing to stand our ground.”

Truckers in Canada have been protesting mandates for COVID-19 since back in late January. On Monday, the Prime Minister invoked the Emergencies Act, using it for the first time in the history of Canada, which gives the government in Canada a temporary power to do away with blockades at the border and protests.

But hours later, just outside the Parliament walls, the Freedom convoy continued on their quest.

One Trucker, Jan Groen, says that Trudeau’s historic move is just disgusting. That he, “Just keeps grabbing more power, digging deeper, and we just want to talk.”

In fact, many of the truckers feel that instead of deterring them from continuing their protests, he’s just motivated them even more. Csaba Vizi said of the act, “I think it’s wonderful. I’ll tell you why: because even more Canadians who have been looking at the whole thing passively from their home, their couch … they might want to wake up and stand up with us.”

The Emergencies Act in Canada gives the government more authority to handle what it deems is an emergency, allowing it to do things like suspend the right to assemble and ot cut off financial support. Trudeau said he is doing this to help “strengthen and support law enforcement agencies” where it’s needed. He also tries to claim it’s “about keeping Canadians safe” and putting an end to “illegal and dangerous activities.”

The truckers are firm in their stance though. One trucker, Tyler, summed it up perfectly when he said, “We’re not going anywhere, we’re here until we’re done.”

Author: Julie Sanchez