Top Republicans’ Bill Could Finally Unseat Pelosi — And Her Entire Team

Two members of Congress and the Republican Party, Representative Francis Rooney, from Florida, and Senator Ted Cruz, from Texas, just introduced a bill that could radically change the state of Washington right now, and more specifically, the dinosaurs that are still taking up space in the Democratic party. The bill includes a constitutional amendment that will limit the terms of both chambers. It was introduced Thursday.

The bill would mandate that senators could only serve two terms of six years and members of the house could only serve three terms of two years.

Cruz made a statement about the bill by saying that it’s been too long that members of the Congress have used and abused the power they possess and have completely ignored what the American people want. Cruz says term limits place on congressional members will be a solution to many of the issues that are currently facing Washington, D.C. He said it’s long past overdue that Congress and its members hold themselves accountable. Cruz then encouraged the rest of his colleagues to agree and submit the amendment to the constitution to all of the state to ensure a speedy ratification.

The senator from Texas had previous proposed an amendment similar to this one back in January of 2017.

Three other senators, all Republican, co-sponsored the bill, Florida’s Marco Rubio, Utah’s Mike Lee and Georgia’s David Perdue.

To be enacted, the amendment will have to be approved in congress by both chambers by 2/3rds and ¾ of conventions or state legislatures must approve it as well. The most recent amendment was passed in 1992, and deals with the salaries of the members of Congress.

Ted Cruz’s opponent that fought for his Senate seat back in November, Beto O’Rourke, was also calling for congressional term limits. And he himself introduced legislation similar to Cruz’s back in 2013.

Just last May, O’Rourke made a statement that the longer someone serves in congress, the less accountable, connected and responsive they become to the very people that they are supposed to represent.

Former President Trump was also a supporter of term limits for Congressional members, posting as recently as April on twitter that he is in full support and endorsement of efforts made by groups that aim to introduce term limits.

Author: Holly Morgan