Top Official Switches Party: Reveals Democrats’ Secret Plot

John Lee, Mayor of North Las Vegas announced Tuesday that he had officially left the Democratic Party because he recognized the “socialist” takeover of the party in Nevada. He has now joined the Republican party, calling it the party of the working class, freedom, and opportunity.

Lee announced his decision on his campaign website and then later joined showed on Fox & Friends to further explain. He told the network that the Democrat Party in Nevada has been taken over by “card-carrying socialists.”

Lee said that the party has changed since he entered politics 25 year earlier, explaining that it is no longer “the party I can stand with anymore.”

The Mayor also said that the Democratic Party was an elitist organization that no longer supported working class individuals or their liberty.

On his campaign website, he explains that the switch was made “a long time ago” in his heart, and he slammed Democrats for their “senseless devotion” to failing ideas such as “cancel culture, socialism, and anti-American values.”

Lee warns that Democrats have adopted an “extremist agenda” which is “radically” different from what the party once was. He called their ideas harmful to “working class families,” and damaging freedom and opportunity for Americans. He then praised the Republican wing that has “emerged from President Trump’s leadership” as being a party that supports “opportunity, freedom, and hope.”

Author: Toby Sharpe

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