Top Media Personality Ditches Big Tech For This Free-Speech Competitor

Here we go again, another celebrity is ditching the left and their cancel-culture to strike out on his own and prove that we don’t need Big Tech to be successful. Joe Rogan, who is an incredibly popular host of his podcast, made an announcement on Sunday that he is joining a new social media platform called GETTR, which is a Twitter competitor that has vowed to adhered to the principles of free speech.

Rogan sent a tweet out to millions of his follower on Twitter asking them to follow and join him on the free speech site.

Rogan said the reason he made the move to the new website is because of the never-ending cycle of censorship that Twitter loves to push on everyone on their platform. He said he made the move in fear that Twitter will become even dumber, so now he has a second platform to spread his content on.

This announcement from Joe Rogan, who already has a massive nearly 8 million followers on Twitter, sparked a trend on Sunday that lasted for hours. People couldn’t stop talking about the fact that he was leaving and wondering if he just started the beginning of the end to Twitter?

Fox News reported just last week about how Twitter banned Robert Malone, a doctor that appeared on an episode of Rogan’s podcast to talk about the U.S. government’s response to COVID and to talk about vaccine. Malone, who was an mRNA vaccine tech contributor, also started a new GETTR account.

Twitter also banned Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, on the same day that Rogan made the announcement he was moving over to GETTR. They banned her permanently for sharing misinformation about vaccines.

Twitter had no qualms about the ban, either. They confirmed their ban saying that Greene had violated their COVID misinformation policy, and that they’ve been very clear about their strike system and they intend to permanently ban all account who repeatedly violate their policies.

What they mean is, they will ban anyone who doesn’t agree with them, which is why platforms like GETTR are becoming so popular. Watch out Twitter, you just might censor yourself into oblivion.

Author: Kevin Planks