Top Democrats Turn On Cuomo — But One Person Is Unusually Quiet

Governor Andrew Cuomo is now facing accusations from a third woman for sexual harassment. Anna Ruch went public on Monday about Cuomo’s inappropriate touching of her lower back and face, as well as requests for a kiss.

Two former aides of Cuomo have also accused him of sexual harassment.

But one Democrat leader is conspicuously silent on the matter. Kamala Harris has continued to deny any comment regarding the scandal. Despite being the highest ranking female official in the US and after attacking Republican’s who were accused of similar misconduct.

Harris brutally attacked Brett Kavanaugh over allegations of misconduct against Christine B. Ford. Saying that Ford “risked everything to send a warning,” and “I believe her.”

Harris was also one of the first to jump on the possibility of sinking Joe Biden when allegations arose against him during the 2020 presidential race. That is until Biden’s nomination started working in her favor.

Even though the White House is supporting investigations about the Cuomo situation, Harris is choosing to keep her silence on the matter.

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