Top Democrat’s Hospital Visit Ends In Total Disaster — For Her

Police officers in Chicago, Illinois have turned the tides, and their backs – literally, on the Democratic Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot. Mayor Lightfoot headed to the hospital after a police officer was murdered and another officer was place in critical condition, according to the newspaper the Chicago Sun-Times.

Ella French was an officer on the Chicago police force that was shot point-blank and murdered on Saturday. She engaged in a traffic stop sometime just after 9 pm. It was there that she was shot, as well as her partner, who remains in the hospital and is in what the doctors call critical condition.

Apparently when Lightfoot arrived at the hospital, she was surprised to see around 30 officers there, who literally turned their backs to her when she walked through the doors of the hospital, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

They also reported that Mayor Lightfoot did her best to talk to the male officer in critical condition’s father, who was also a Chicago police officer but has since retired. Sources that were present during the event say that his father wanted absolutely nothing to do with Mayor Lightfoot, and he made it painstakingly clear.

John Catanzara, the President of the Fraternal Order of Police, had a few words to say about the event, noting that the police officers’ actions and decisions to literally turn their back to Maryor Lightfoot while sitting with the family at the hospital on the 7th floor was important and significant. He says it’s an excellent example to show how hundreds of officers felt during their wait for news outside the hospital.

NBC 5 says that Catanzara himself told Mayor Lightfoot she should not head to the 7th floor of the hospital, as the family of the critically wounded officer was still waiting for the doctors to bring them news. But Lightfoot was defiant and went anyway, thinking that she knew better, going up there even against the advice of the grieving family.

Lightfoot eventually responded to all of this criticism in an official statement, saying that emotions are running high because of the tragedy and that these types of reactions should be expected.

Huh, seems like it would have been easy to avoid if she just listened to the family’s wishes, but that’s not the Democrat way.

Author: Jamie Mansfield