Top Democrat Puts Biden’s Incompetence On Full Display For The World To See

A former Democrat Representative, Tulsi Gabbard, gave President joe Biden the surprise of a lifetime on Saturday when she denounced him over his ridiculous handling of the border crisis. Gabbard compared Biden, who she used to say was her friend, to an ‘autocrat’ after he attacked border patrol agents and accused them falsely of abusing migrants from Haiti.

Biden responded to the controversy over the mounted Border agents last Friday when he regurgitated the now-debunked narrative that migrants are being abused and promised that the agents involved in the incident would be held responsible.

Biden said what he saw was horrible, and to see people being treated in that way was sickening. That horses almost running over people and other being strapped was outrageous. Biden then promised to make those involved in the incident ‘pay.’ He said he would investigate them, and that there would be consequences.

Tulsi Gabbard commented on the incident while speaking with Jess Watters, a Fox News Host. She condemned the ailing President for his attack on the mounted agents at the border, saying that there were many facts that prove there was no abuse of the migrants from the mounted agents.

Gabbard says that while she considers Biden to be a friend, he’s completely wrong and that he should apologize to all of American for saying the things that he said.

Gabbard said that Biden is someone who has been incredibly outspoken against autocracies, dictator and autocrats. But what he did with these border agents his act like jury, judge and executioner, and that’s wrong.

Gabbard went on to say that his public condemnation of the incident compromises the integrity of any investigation into the controversial incident. That Biden isn’t giving the agents a fair outcome because the President of the U.S. has already declared them guilty and promised that they would be punished.

Gabbard pointed out further that our entire democracy is at risk. That our laws are becoming less and less important to the current administration, and that puts us at risk of becoming an autocracy. She says that America will suffer if we lose our democracy, and something needs to be done to stop this.

Author: George Herman