Top Democrat Faces Justice For Explicitly Racist Comments

A top Democrat leader from Texas recently resigned in the aftermath of his racist statements, his transgression was calling Senator Tim Scott an “oreo.” Pressure to resign came from both sides of the political spectrum.

Gary O’Connor, Democratic Party Chairman for Lamar County, apologized publicly for posting a racist comment about Tim Scott on Facebook. O’Connor said that “I have embarrassed myself and my party” and called his comment “hurtful,” “inappropriate,” and “insensitive.” O’Connor then offered his resignation.

Tim Scott delivered a rebuttal to President Joe Biden following the President’s joint address to Congress. In response to Scott’s rebuttal, O’Connor called the senator an “oreo,” meaning that he is black on the outside but white on the inside.

Specifically, he called Senator Scott “an oreo with no real principles.”

O’Connor was quickly set upon for his words on social media, most strikingly from Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

O’Connor’s racist comments followed on the heels of the racist trend #UncleTim, a Twitter sensation that was shut down by the media giant following Scott’s speech last week.

The South Carolina senator explained that he has “experience the pain of discrimination” but has also had to face “a different kind of intolerance.” Explaining that liberals and progressives often call him “Uncle Tom,” and “the n-word.”

Author: Richard Pike

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