Top Democrat Completely Dumbfounded By National Crime Wave

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently admitted her total ignorance when she said that she didn’t know where the sudden increase in lawlessness amongst American cities is coming from during a press conference earlier this week.

Pelosi was prompted with a comment about San Francisco’s Mayor London Breed’s statements about police defunding being “bullshit” and launching emergency police measures on Tuesday to start cracking down on San Francisco’s out of control drug and crime problems.

Pelosi called the crime wave “outrageous, obviously it cannot continue.” She acknowledged that the country is experiencing “an attitude of lawlessness” but claimed not to have any concept of where it might have sprung from.

If one didn’t know better, they might suspect that Pelosi was living under a rock during 2020 when Black Lives Matter riots took the country by storm, making violent riots and looting a norm throughout much of that year. The riots, paired with the Defund The Police movement that left countless police departments crippled, contributed directly to a total lapse in law enforcement that resulted in… you guessed it, lawlessness.

Pelosi continued to pontificate, shrieking with terror at how smash-and-grab criminals are becoming more sophisticated and coordinated, planning out traffic routes to get their dirty work done and escape in the most efficient manner possible.

“It has to be stopped,” Pelosi said, without formally acknowledging the contributions that Democrat politicians like herself played in creating the countrywide mess.

Pelosi pointed to an upcoming piece of legislation meant to crack down on thieves that post goods online for sale, such as when two dozen robbers were able to liquidate $39,000 worth of goods from CVS stores during the fall of 2020.

The bill would require online sellers to prove their legitimacy and where the items they’re selling come from, “because that’s what people do… sell them online,” she eloquently explained.

Naturally, the Democrat solution to the problem is to burden online sellers with more red tape to clear in order to run their establishments, rather than increase the budgets and ability of law enforcement to… I don’t know, enforce the law?

Pelosi should be begging her fellow Democrats to FUND the police, not invent more burdensome rules that criminals will ultimately ignore.

Author: Joan Richardson