Top Democrat Ambushes Colleague Over Christian Faith

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) lashed out at the Knights of Columbus on Friday. The Catholic entity is one of the world’s most charitable organizations.

Hirono was joined by Sen. Kamala Harris in December in criticizing a Catholic judge for his membership status with the Knights of Columbus. Both Senators claimed that the organization was sexist and backwards for upholding Catholic doctrines around issues of abortion and gay marriage.

Senator Ben Sasses (R-NE) introduced a resolution which reaffirmed the unconstitutionality of requiring religious tests to hold public office. In response, Hirono made a condescending statement in which she claimed that the senate should “focus on something real,” rather than “address a problem that doesn’t exist.”

She then attacked Senator Sasse ad-hominem by stating that if he “wants to embrace the alt-right… that is his business.” Sasse responded to the comment claiming that the accusation was “laughably stupid” and pointed out that connecting Catholics to the alt-right “…recklessly.. smear[s] 2 million Catholics who volunteer in their communities.”

The Senate unanimously agreed to Sasse’s resolution on Wednesday.

This is just one further example of Democratic senators attempting to attack their rivals over matters of faith. In September of 2017 Mazie Hirono, Dick Durbin and Diane Feinstein attacked law professor Amy Coney Barrett over her Catholic faith, indicating that it should disqualify her from serving on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

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