This Study Proves That Nobody Wants To Live Under Democrat Rule

Of all the 50 states in the Union, those run by Democrats reliably scored as the least free in America. New York took 1st place for the most oppressive state in the USA, followed up closely by other Democrat run states: Hawaii and California.

The Cato Institute’s “Freedom in the 50 States,” a biannual analysis of the freedoms enjoyed by Americans at a state-by-state level, found that New Hampshire scored as the freest state, followed closely by Florida and Nevada.

The survey issues freedom ratings based on a large variety of factors, and evaluates the relative economic and personal freedoms that each state allows its citizens. There are 230 metrics that they evaluate states on, including matters such as “taxation…debt…eminent domain laws… occupational licensing… drug policy [and] educational choice.”

Jason Sorens and William Ruger, the authors of the study, noted that New York state has reliably taken the first spot for “least free state in the country… every year since our data set began in 2000.”

Continuing to comment on New York, the authors noted that the state’s “most significant weakness” is economic freedom, but notes that the state has also fallen behind on personal freedoms as well. They say that New York “belies the ‘blue’ state stereotype… [worst] on economic freedom and personal freedom.”

The authors also took note of the runners up, such as Hawaii, whose policies have long kept it as one of the lowest ranking states in terms of economic freedom, and who has also fell far behind on personal freedom. They say that given Hawaii’s unrestrained Democrat policies, that “it isn’t surprising” that it ranked as the second worst state in the Union for freedom. It’s also of note that Hawaii has seen a massive exodus of its citizenry in the past decade.

California made third-least free on the list, which the authors explain as largely being a matter of their “poor performance on economic freedom.”

Florida and New Hampshire have jostled back and forth over the years for the top spot, with New Hampshire claiming victory this time around. The authors praised both states for their promotion of both economic and personal freedom.

Author: Stephen Powell