This Secret Would Destroy The Democratic Party If Exposed

The majority of Americans, including registered Democrats and non-white / minority voters support photo identification as a requirement to cast a ballot, so reports the Monmouth University Polling Institute which released a survey on Monday.

The survey questioned respondents whether they “support or oppose” a requirement on voters to present “photo ID in order to vote.” Of the respondents polled, 62 percent of Democrats said that they supported such voting measures, with favorability for voter ID increasing to 87 percent amongst independents, and Republicans favoring such laws at 91 percent.

Additionally, 84 percent of respondents who are “non-white” also support laws requiring photo ID, that’s more than the 77 percent of white respondents who also support such laws. People who have obtained a college degree were less likely to favor photo ID requirements, with only 69 percent support from individuals holding four-year degrees compared with 85 percent support from the population that does not hold a degree.

The survey was run from June 9th to the 14th, and consisted of 810 adult American respondents. The error margin for the poll was measured as 3.5 percentage points.

These statistics arrive as Democrats are attempting to force through their “For the People Act,” a massive voting reformation law which would abolish voter ID laws throughout the country, harming election integrity. Republicans have opposed the measure from the start, seeking higher standards and fidelity in voting and opposing the partisan legislation for its abolishment of photo ID requirements.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) put forward a compromise that would allow voters to use alternative forms of identification such as a utility bill for example. Manchin’s amendment to the legislation was given support by failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Republicans are still not satisfied Manchin’s compromise, however, because of other aspects of the bill, such as allowing the federal government to directly control state and local election procedures.

Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) explained that the bill is just a push by big government seeking to get bigger, and attempting to ram through “a federal takeover of [the] election system.”

The American public is opposed to the “For the People Act,” but the Democrats need to keep that a secret if they’re going to win elections from this point on.

Author: Eloise Allison