This Pelosi Investigation Could Finally Remove Her From The Throne

It’s been almost 34 years since Nancy Pelosi first nabbed her seat in congress. She is now in the top-tier position of speak of the house and is one of the biggest fishes in the pond when it comes to the United States Government. As leader of the Democrat caucus, this dinosaur of a politician has faced numerous complicated decision of late, and throughout her career. Just recently though, a Fox news host, Mr. Jesse Watters, launched a tell-all investigation in what she’s been up to financially in her decades-long tenure in federal politics.

Just last week, Pelosi wasn’t able to get her infrastructure bill through due to the amount of rebellious progressives in her party. Watters had a lot to say about Pelosi and her policies, mostly that she’s making it more and more difficult for American to gather meaningful wealth due to the amount of taxes they’re shackled with and the reckless spending and destruction of the American dollar.

For Pelosi, however, these difficulties don’t seem to make a difference. Congressional salaries are six-figure salaries, but they’re on the low end. But somehow, Pelosi is sitting on top of a huge pile of wealth. Watters wants to know what her secret is, and he seems to have an answer: It’s Paul, her husband.

After her marriage to Paul, he opened a venture and real estate capital firm. It was through his connections that Nancy was even elected or moved up in the political world, as she did.

Over the years, the power couple has time the market perfectly. Nancy is an insider in Washington, and Paul has the money to make the right investments in real estate and stocks with her insider knowledge.

They own at least three mansions, and their commercial properties alone are worth around $50 million.

Pelosi’s wealth skyrocketed in 2018, and as of 2020, she’s worth around $315 million.

Back in 2007, Nancy worked out a deal with Visa to protect them from higher swipe fees. She was then offered an exclusive IPO deal, worth around $18 billion. She and Paul bought between 1 and 5 million dollars worth of stock, and continued to push bills that protected and bolstered the company to enrich themselves. In fact, Visa shares went up 200% during that time, and she and Paul made a fortune.

Pelosi also conveniently bought millions of dollar worth of stock in Tesla just before Biden’s electric care incentive announcement. She cashed in, making around $5.3 million in an instant.

She’s made similar move with Microsoft, and other conglomerates, raking in the cash at just the right moment, proving that insider trading is at the top of her list of crimes. For now, the investigation is following the money, and when they reach the top, the consequences will be dire.

Author: Buddy Howell