This Lumber Company Just Exposed One Of Biden’s Biggest Secrets

Biden is back to telling bald-faced bogus lies again. On Monday, one company in Idaho spoke out after the mentally declining or maybe just dishonest President said that his first ever job offer was at their company. But a quick search of records shows that Biden never even applied to get a job there.

What did Biden say?

It was during his visit to Idaho while he was speaking to citizens there that he claimed to share an experience with one of his former colleagues in the senate, Senator Frank Church, who is, for the sake of Biden’s story, conveniently deceased.

Biden said he used to Frank Church that he got his first job offer there, where he and his now-deceased wife had planned to or at least wanted to move to Idaho because the state is so beautiful. He said he actually interviewed at a locally-located lumber company, the Boise Cascade.

He said there was a war going on at the time though, but the point of his story was that he used to always tease Frank.

What was the company’s response?

Boise Cascade is a lumber company that’s publicly traded and generates literally billions of dollars in revenue each year. They said to the New York Post that they don’t have a record of Biden applying with their company at all, and that they certainly don’t have any interview records for him.

The company said they checked their internal systems and can’t find anything to indicate that Biden’s telling the truth. They did say that their portfolio was quite diverse during the 70’s and particularly the early 60’s. She said the records could possible have been transferred or purged for projects or businesses that they aren’t involved in any longer. The company said they don’t have any desire to speculate about the role Biden may have, or may not have applied for all the way back in 1972, but today they manufacture wood products and do wholesale distributing of materials needed for building.

How does the timeline match up?

Looking back on Biden’s life, it’s not really clear where a move to Idaho or even a job offer in Idaho fits in with any part of Biden’s career.

Bidnen was married to his first wife back in 1966, and graduated from Syracuse Law School University in 1968. This degree usually takes three years to complete. After graduations, Biden was a public defender in Delaware and a Law Clerk before he ran for the County Council in New Castle back in 1970.

He ran for Senate two years after, winning the election and becoming one of the youngest Senators in History at just 30 years old. He stayed in the senate until he became the VP to Obama in 2009.

Author: Nicki Whitell