This Is The Only Way To Get Out Of Vaccine Mandates, See How…

Finally, someone is standing up to Biden and his tyrannical mandates, and it’s actually someone with power. A New York federal judge just granted an injunction that was preliminary in nature to 17 workers from healthcare that have applies for exemption from New York’s COVID vaccine mandate for religious purposes.

David Hurd is a U.S. District Judge, and his injunction, which applies to everyone in the state, is temporarily barring New York from forcing employers to take disciplinary action against employees that are refusing the vaccine due to religious reasons. This only applies to medical and fire workers for now, though.

The judge said that the question was not whether or not the workers were entitling to an emption because of their religion from the workplace requirement on vaccines. He said the real question is whether or not the State’s imposition of federal mandates conflicts with the individuals’ rights that are federally protected to seek accommodation from their employers based on religious purposes. The judge said that to him, the answer to that question is very clearly yes.

The judge did, however, leave things open for an appeal to be filed saying that the issues of the dispute are exceptionally important to the religious and health freedoms of citizens in New York State, and said that an appeal to this case might be appropriate.

The state Department in NY began the emergency regulation at the end of August, which forced healthcare workers to become vaccinated by the end of September, or be terminated by their employers. Attorney from the Thomas More Society fought this and file a suit on September 14 on the behalf of 16 Baptist and Roman Catholic medical workers, alleging that the action was discriminatory to a violation of the constitution.

One official from the Thomas More Society responded to the court win saying that the decision of the court was correct and recognizes that the heroes on the frontline of COVID should not and cannot be treated as villains in the name of a health bureaucracy of the state.

The Governor of NY, Kathy Hochul, maintains her stance on the vaccine order. She said that her job is to protect the people of New York, and vaccination help accomplish that. She said that she will continue to fight this in the courts to keep the people of New York Safe.

Author: Jasper Wingham