These Countries Just Caught On To The Vaccine Scam — Will America Be Next?

A recent Nordic study about vaccine use on younger individuals brought vaccine rollouts in Denmark and Sweden to a complete halt on Wednesday with alarming consequences being found with the Moderna vaccine.

The study, which has yet to be reviewed by the EMA (European Medicines Agency), sounded the alarm of possible risk associated with Moderna vaccines causing pericarditis and myocarditis in younger demographics.

Although the risk is admittedly small, the Swedish health agency said that the connection was “especially clear” regarding Moderna’s vaccine known as Spikevax, and emphasized that the risks were most apparent after children received a second dose.

Additional discoveries made by the agency included heightened risk among boys and young men.

Denmark swiftly followed Sweden’s lead, enacting the same “precautionary” measures to halt rollout of vaccines for young individuals despite BioNTech / Pfizer vaccines already making up the majority of those available for children between ages 12 and 17 in the country.

The Danish Health Authority issued a statement on the matter which claimed that preliminary data shows a concerning “suspicion of… increased risk of heart inflammation” for individuals vaccinated with Moderna.

Both countries are adjusting their recommendations for minors to exclusively be vaccinated with Pfizer, a drug which the EMA green-lighted in May of this year. Moderna was given a pass as recently as July.

In June, America’s FDA added a warning label to both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines after an advisory panel to the CDC found data which proved a “likely association” of myocarditis in young adults after taking the vaccine. Despite such warnings, researchers and doctors still maintain that all American children 12 years and older receive vaccines, stressing that the heart problems are incredibly uncommon and typically very mild.

Two separate vaccine studies each independently concluded that COVID-19 itself presents a much greater risk of developing heart inflammation than vaccines, in addition to the virus’s other dangerous side effects.

Currently, only Pfizer’s vaccine is authorized for use on minors in the United States.

Author: Stuart McBride