The Threat Of Terrorism Is Closer Than You Think

Unprecedented numbers of terrorists, known or suspected are crossing the weakened southern border and have been for months since Biden’s term began, according to a Border Patrol chief.

Rodney Scott, head of Border Patrol spoke to 19,000 agents under his command just before retiring on the 14th, telling them that their task of national security is now more vital than ever despite the Biden administration’s failure to support them as record numbers of migrants flow through the U.S.-Mexico border.

Scott said that the agent’s face a true “national security crisis” of which “immigration is just a subcomponent.” He alluded to the record rates of drug and human trafficking that’s crossing through the border, as well as “TSDBs.”

TSDB is an acronym that refers to suspected and known terrorists that are identified through the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database.

He said that border agents are responsible for keeping murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and TSDB’s off America’s streets and safeguarding the country from such dangerous individuals. He told his agents that they must not “undersell” the importance of their mission, and said that even if they must allow thousands of migrants into the U.S., that screening for threats and removing dangerous elements is still a noble task.

With the massive spike in immigration numbers from Central American countries, Border Patrol was forced to redirect 40% of their field officers to tasks such as processing and care of those kept in custody, dramatically weakening the enforcement and patrol of the border itself and leaving America vulnerable to national security threats. A common tactic adopted by the cartels has been to send huge groups of families and children to one region of the border as a distraction while they cross through with contraband and dangerous people elsewhere.

By the end of January, Customs and Border Patrol was already sending reports to Congress that showed how individuals on the terrorist watchlist were crossing through the southern border. The reports and names of the terrorists were removed from the agency’s website just hours after going live, which prompted complaints from Republicans about transparency within the agency.

Under apparent gag order, Customs and Border Patrol has refused to share any further information about terrorist affiliated encounters, but agents at the border know that it’s still going on.

Author: Anne Mathis