The Return Of King Obama — How Liberals Plan To Break The Constitution For Total Control

Just when you thought Democrats couldn’t get any more ridiculous, they go and announce this plan for their 2024 presidential run. A brand-new poll just found that Kamala Harris, the current Vice President of the United States, and Michell Obama, the former first lady, are the two top selections for the 2024 presidential run and nomination, if Biden doesn’t decide to go for it again.

The survey included nearly 1000 voters and was taken in mid-November. The poll discovered that Kamala led all the contenders with potential, holding a 13% share of the support from all the respondents. Obama followed behind closely when she gained 10% of the vote. There was a 3.2% error margin on the vote.

Kamala won the biggest amount of her support from those voters who had already voted for Biden in 2020.

The other contenders, who received less than 5% were Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Michael Bloomberg and Andrew Yang, who is a former candidate for Mayor of New York City and was a Presidential candidate, as well.

Another 13% said they would like a candidate who was not listed, and 36% said they weren’t sure who they would cast their votes for if President Biden decides not to go for re-election.

White House administrators have said previously that Biden is planning on running again in 2024 for re-election, but Biden would already be 81 on the day of Election and 82 if he were to be sworn in during the 2024 year. He is already the oldest President in US history. His approval rating is also abysmal at this point after a failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, inflation and the supply crisis, especially as Christmas looms. His approval is at 41.7% right now.

Voters are also worried about Biden’s mental and physical health and his capabilities when it comes to serving another term. One poll from Politico found that most voters disagree that Biden’s health is in a good state. 50% said they disagree that his health is in good order, 40% say it is, and another 10% say they’re not sure.

His health continues to deteriorate, and his own physician said his frequent coughing was concerning. One thing’s for sure, Democrats have no idea what to do for the 2024 election season.

Author: Kyle Kelley