The Results Are In: Proof Of Trump’s Win Could Finally Unseat Biden

Seth Keshel, a top election analyst, has discovered more than 8.1 million completely fraudulent votes that were cast in favor of Joe Biden back in November 2020. No just in one state, no. But nationwide. Although the Democrats try and say that Nationwide voter fraud is a conspiracy, it seems that this couldn’t be further from the truth. During his interview, Keshel said that he came to this conclusion by comparing the reported results of the election with the date we have on registered voters and demographic trends.

Kershel went on further to claim that the numbers in numerous counties and states around the nation just didn’t add up. Apparently, his research proves that Trump won in not just one, not even two, but SEVEN swing states to include: Nevade, Pennsylvania and Georgia. (No surprise there)

Kershel said voting methods as a result of the pandemic are partly to blame. He said that people would show up to the voting lane drive through with 15 or so IDs and the same number of ballots to match. It’s the same guy filling out all the ballots, but no one catches on. Kershel further stated that there are massive and unexplainable gains for Biden that are completely conflicting with other trends in America at the time.

Besides Trump’s win in the aforementioned states, it also seems that he won in Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan. Again, no surprise there. This is nothing that most red-blooded Americans don’t know. But what may come as a surprise is that Kershel said that Trump possibly won in California, Virginia and New York. He said that the fraud was so prevalent in all these states that it is basically impossible to tell who came out on top.

Biden, of course, feels differently about the whole thing. Just last month, in his remarks delivered on July 13, he noted that election results were fully counted three times in Georgia. He then added that no election in history has been held to “such scrutiny and… high standards,” in trying to argue that those worried about election fraud in 2020 had no leg to stand on.

Yeah, right. It’s time for the MAGA revolution, and this proof may be just what we need to get Trump back where he belongs.

Author: Jolene Guilford