The President That Stole Christmas: And Other Tales Of Biden’s Failings

Ever since Biden set foot in the Oval Office, The United States has been wrought with crisis after crisis, but this is one crisis that could top the rest and leave everyone without Christmas Cheer this year. Even though the economy in the Unite States is technically open, there is still a major supply chain crisis that persists. It’s enough of a problem that the White House was forced to announce that there will be many items that aren’t available to American as the holiday season quickly approaches.

With inflation continuing to skyrocket, new date is suggesting that there’s no end to the price hikes, at least any time soon due to the fact that meat industries, semiconductors and everything big and small are facing bottlenecks and transportation issues.

The price of oil in the United State just hit $80 per barrel, which is a record high we haven’t seen in almost seven years. The Federal Reserve projected last month that the inflation rate in 2021 will exceed its 2% target and probably be around 4.2%, which is huge in inflation terms.

Back in June, Biden and his administration started up a new task force designed to address the issues of disequilibria in the American market. They intend to get private sector firms and the federal government collaborating to get goods and services back in place for Americans, and to avoid the higher prices of food and products.

President Biden said that he is going to meet with the senior officials of this task force on Wednesday to further address the constraints on the supply chain.

Officials at the White House say that Christmas inventories are likely to be limited because there are so many production and supply shortfalls. But despite all the delays and microchip shortages, there are many companies that are expecting booms in holiday shopping, especially big chains like Target and Walmart. But the White House says there will be many things that people just can’t get.

Thought the White House remains hopeful that many of the things that people want for the holiday season will have acceptable substitutes. They say there isn’t any reason to panic about the situation, but that frustration will likely be high and there is a need for people to be patient as we get through the struggles of the supply chain shortage.

The white house also apparently ‘recognizes’ the toll that inflation is having on Americans at the grocery store, gas pump and at other venues. They say they understand that families are in a pinch as they try to get back to some sense of normalcy as the pandemic moves into the later stages.

Either way, a President that stole Christmas isn’t going to help Democrats in 2022.

Author: Betty Rodriguez