The Pot Called The Kettle Black, See Who Biden Just Smeared As ‘Corrupt’

President Biden recently dismissed the idea of allowing Ukraine to be accepted early into NATO on Monday, saying that the country has got to “clean up corruption” before the international military alliance can trust it.

Biden himself, however, as well as his son Hunter have been the focus of a multi year investigation into Hunter Biden’s affiliations with oligarchs in the Ukrainian power structure. Of particular interest was his lucrative hiring by the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, which leaked emails that indicated the hiring of Hunter Biden was a purely strategic move to influence the then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Burisma hired Hunter in 2014, which was a particularly tumultuous time for the Ukrainian nation as Russia invaded that year and colonized Crimea. Anti-Russian protests resulted in governmental instability with three presidents elected that year.

Zelensky, a the current incumbent president shocked the world on Monday when he posted to Twitter announcing that NATO had accepted Ukraine’s membership. However, when leaders at the NATO summit were confronted with the message, they were confused.

The post by Zelensky prompted a reporter to ask President Biden whether or not Ukraine’s entry was a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

Biden responded by saying that Ukraine must first meet several criteria before they can “get into the Action Plan,” but that they had not met those criteria yet, one of which he pointed out was that “they still have to clean up corruption.”

Biden added that the country must convince the organization, but that it wouldn’t be easy. He then recalled a time when he encouraged Ukraine to “generate a democratically elected. . . not corrupt. . . nation.”

During the same press conference, Biden gave praise to Russian president Vladimir Putin, the same who was responsible for the violent colonization of Crimea, calling him “tough,” and “bright” while refusing to repeat his earlier description of Putin as a “killer” as he so called him back in March.

Biden will meet with Putin today, and rejected an offer from Ukrainian leader Zelensky for an in-person meeting beforehand. Zelensky claims that he is both disappointed and confused by Biden’s warm policy toward Russia.

Zelensky nevertheless is acting on Biden’s Tuesday message, starting off his day by vetoring a bill which would have helped cover corruption by allowing Ukrainian lawmakers to keep their relatives’ financial assets hidden. Zelensky publicly addressed the dangers posed to the country by corrupt business interests and oligarchs in a speech later that same day.

Author: Glen Cross