The Pandemic Is Over – But Democrats Don’t Want You To Know It

You probably will want to read this before Big Tech decides it’s harmful or misleading information, but it looks like the end of the pandemic may soon be upon us. That’s at least according to a vaccinology professor who says that the massive decline of cases in Southern Africa is a turning point for the nation, and the world. The region just emerged from lockdown and didn’t have any major interruption into the lives of their citizens.

Shabir Madhi, the Professor, told Debora Patta, who is the foreign correspondent for the network CBS News, that vaccination, as well as high rates of people who had been previously infected with the virous led to a massive drop in the COVID cases they were seeing.

Professor Madhi says that Omicron deaths are now accounting for even less than 5% of all the death that occurred from COVID in South Africa since the pandemic began.

He further explained that even if more variants begin to arise, South Africa isn’t likely to see the level of hospitalization and death that they saw in the earlier waves during the pandemic.

He says he has a lot of optimism that South Africa has reach a new turning point in controlling the pandemic. He says he just can’t see a future where they will have the same experiences that they did during the first waves of the pandemic in Southern Africa.

Other experts also voices hopes that this pattern of cases falling in the Southern Africa region will spart the beginning of t he same pattern in the UK, as well as in the United States soon.

Ali Mokdad, a professor of health metrics and sciences in Seattle at the University of Washington, says that cases are going to fall just as quickly as they rose in America.

He says that the reasoning for all of this is quite simple: Everyone that could be infected with the virus will be infected with the virus.

One study has even found that Omicron is less likely to cause symptoms that are severe, even though it is far more contagious that other strains.

Experts say that this is the beginning of the end. We are almost there, and life will get back to normal sometime later in 2022, most likely.

Author: Elizabeth Ubleck