The Next Attack On Police Is Here — And It’s Even Worse Than Before

The latest crazytown bill headed for California State Assembly is the handiwork of Ash Kalra, his California Law Enforcement Accountability Reform Act is designed to root out and dismiss any religious or conservative members of the police force.

The bill prohibits the servitude of any police officer should they be found to have ever uttered “hate speech,” a very broad category, nor could they serve if they were associated with a “hate group.”

The bill claims to be designed to combat “the infiltration of extremists” in the police force. According to Kalra, this bill is necessary to prevent incidents like the Jan. 6 Capitol Breach which he claims was enabled by law enforcement who offered “apparent cooperation, participation, and support.”

The bill constitutes “hate speech” under a very large tent indeed. It falls just short of disqualifying police members who have a “Trump 2020” bumper sticker.

Matthew McReynolds, Senior Staff Attorney at the Pacific Justice Institute said that the purposefully arbitrary and broad definition could classify all conservatives and Christians as “hateful” based on core beliefs such as opposing abortion or same-sex marriage. He also mentioned that it could disqualify any member of the Muslim faith because many mosques and their followers do not approve of homosexuality.

According to this Democratic legislation, having a moral or religious disagreement with homosexuality would place a person in violation of the “hate speech” criteria, consequently barring them from serving on the police force.

Kalra’s AB 655 heads to the Assembly Public Safety Committee for vote on April 6.

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