The News Won’t Be Covering This Mass Shooting

A yet unnamed hero prevented a mass shooting that we’ll thankfully never hear about. The “good guy with a gun” used his weapon to shoot down a suspected psychopath with massacre on his mind.

Authorities identified the aggressor as 26-year-old Zachary Arnold, who was armed with a rifle at his own Fort Smith, Arkansas apartment complex on Saturday morning. He reportedly was screaming instructions that all residents come outside of their homes.

The first to respond, 87-year-old Lois Hicks, attempted to “console” Arnold, however, he opened fire anyway. Hicks fled back to her residence.

A neighbor explained to the local news agency that the shooter followed Hicks back inside her home and “did what he did.”

After fatally killing Hicks, Arnold continued to fire shots and command other residents to come outside.

The unnamed man, a neighbor, grabbed his own rifle, left his apartment and bravely confronted Arnold, fatally shooting the would-be mass killer.

The motives behind why Arnold decided to assault his own apartment complex are unknown and the situation remains under investigation. It is also unclear whether or not the unnamed hero will have to face charges for his role in the shooting.

Author: Dexter Sullivan

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