The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For: Trump Social Media Is Here

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. It’s been almost a year since Trump was banned from all his social media accounts, and he’s finally come up with a solution. Trump is creating his own social media network and company that is designed to stand up to Big Tech and its tyranny.

Trump was kicked off Facebook and Twitter while he was serving as the 45th president of the United States. His new creation will be called “TRUTH Social.” Trump announced his new media company during a press release on Wednesday.

TRUTH Social is available to be pre-ordered in the Apple store right now, and the app is planning to start their beta launch in November for invited guests. A rollout on the national scale is expected to take place in 2022 during the first quarter.

Trump, who is also the chairman of Trump Media and Technology Group, says the app will stand up to all the tyranny that Big Tech places on Americans.

He says that right now we are living in a world where the Taliban is able to spread their message on Twitter but everyone’s favorite president has been banned from the platform. Trump says this is unacceptable.

TRUTH Social’s terms of service were just updated in Septembers, and has a list of prohibited activities. One of them is that there’s no bashing Trump or the site when being part of TRUTH Social.

TMTG says TRUTH Social has entered a definitive merger agreement as well. This means that company will become public listed and subject to stockholder and regulatory approval.

TMTG is valued initially at $875 Million, with more potential earnout at &825 million. The cumulative value is up to $1.7 billion, but depends greatly on the stock price after-business combination.

TMTG has every intention of scaling up though, and has plans to be a leading service in technology for secure social media and diverse media.

TMTG will also begin a video on-demand subscription service, TMTG+ that will have non-work entertainment, podcasts, news and more.

Trump is also in the process of suing Twitter for banning him and his account, and also has asked a federal judge to make Facebook reinstate his account, as he’s ready to hit the campaign trail. He’s also suing Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in a class-action lawsuit, as well as their respective CEOs.

Author: Richard Longers