The Michigan School Shooting Is More Than Meets The Eye, See How…

It looks like there might be more to the story of the Michigan high school shooting, and it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Ethan Crumbley, aged 15, is accused of open firing on the students in his high school in Michigan. He just plead not guilty yesterday to the charges of terrorism which caused death, and four counts of murder in the first degree. He also carries the additional charges of assault with murderous intent – seven counts, and firearm possession during a felony – twelve counts.

Crumbley is a sophomore at his high school after he allegedly shot over 30 rounds in the Oxford High hallways last Tuesday just before 1pm. The shots killed four students and ended up wounding seven other students, to include a teacher.

He appeared in court via video in Oakland County this Wednesday, he slumped while wearing a bulletproof black vest and mask that was white.

The assistant attorney for the prosecution in Oakland Country, Mark Keast, said that he doesn’t even have word to describe just how horrible the surveillance video is from the shooting.

He says Crumbley walked down the hallway deliberately and methodically, aiming the gun at students before firing. After children began running as fast as they could to get away from Crumbley, he continued to methodically walk down the school hallway, shooting into classrooms and firing at students who weren’t able to escape.

The judge ordered the defendant to be held in the County Jail in Oakland without bond, he will be away from the adults in the jail.

Tim Willis, a Lt. in the county, told the Judge that the defended had recorded multiple videos on his cell phone the night previous to the incident and talked about killing and shooting student during school the next day.

They also were able to recover a journal from his backpack that detailed his desires to shoot people at the school and murder students.

Crumbley’s parents were at the school only hours before, meeting with teachers about their son’s behavioral problems in the classroom.

The school had also met with Crumbley the day previous to the shooting because of classroom behavior they viewed as concerning.

The prosecutor for the county says the shooting victims are not the only victims in this case, as there are many children at home terrified to return to the school and traumatized from the incident.

The suspect has declined to speak about the shooting at this time.

Author: Laurie Nash