The Link Between COVID And Climate Change Is Not What Liberals Were Thinking

What’s the similarity between global-warming activists and COVID fearmongers? Quite a lot.

The discourse about environmental issues has been ghoulish all throughout the pandemic. With lockdowns forcing people to stay home, pollution plummeted, skies in cities opened up clear, animals wandered on urban streets and users of social media cheered all the way. Some people got a little too happy about the situation. Imagine if the same thing were said of a war, that ‘sure, lots of people died, but at least the traffic got cleared up.’ It’s like there’s a part of these environmental radicals who wish that life never returned to normal, because they want fewer people, they care more for Mother Nature.

As the decades have rolled on, the phrase ‘trust the science’ has transformed into ‘fear the science.’ These days, journalists, politicians, and activists are only interested in news from the scientific community if they are handed something that they can use for panic. This was clearest when such groups lauded COVID hospitalization rates at the beginning of the pandemic. The situation was deemed so dire, that the U.S. Navy sent multiple thousand-bed mobile hospital ships to Los Angeles and New York, but only 35 patients ever used them. There was also the panic about ventilator shortages, but as it turns out, exactly zero documented cases have surfaced of COVID patients unable to get a ventilator that they needed. According to Politifact, the majority of states possessed more ventilators than they were able to use.

But still we’re asked to blindly trust the ‘experts’ that make up the public-health establishment, despite the fact that the majority of their advice is contradictory with common sense and the actual scientific data we do have. What reason have they given us to trust climatologists? Their track record is worse if anything. Just last Monday, histrionics at the U.N. Intergovernmental Climate Change Panel predicted the disappearance of entire countries due to rising sea levels over the course of the next century.

In the 1980’s NASA gave a prediction that by the year 2080, sea levels would rise by over 20 feet, but actual data gathered from the EPA and NASA over the past 37 years show an average sea level rise that is short of four inches. Furthermore, regarding landmass, it doesn’t seem that we’ve lost any at all, with National Geographic reporting that the total land area on the globe is actually rising, not decreasing.

There’s absolutely no reason to trust the ‘experts’ when it comes to climate change, or when it comes to COVID-19. The so called ‘experts’ that get rolled out for TV appearances and announcements are just pawns of the Biden administration’s bureaucracy.

Author: Anita Weber