The ‘Deadly’ New COVID Variant Is Nothing Like What Democrats Are Telling You

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about how Biden is restricting travel to people from eight different countries in Africa starting on Monday. This news comes after WHO reported that there is a new concerning variant, which is now called omicron, that emerged out of the Southern areas of Africa. Biden’s restriction seem to be quite harsh, considering the reports of the illness show that most of the symptoms were incredibly mild and quite different from the original coronavirus.

The first doctor from South Africa that alerted authorities to the new variant said that the symptoms seem to be unusual but they are mild.

One South African doctor was first alerted to the new variant when patients started coming in with symptoms that didn’t necessarily make sense with the tradition COVID symptoms.

Some of these instances included young people from different ethnicities and b backgrounds that presented with intense levels of fatigue and even a child who had a higher-than-normal pulse rate.

The doctor says their symptoms have been quite different and less severe than the ones she has seen before. In total she has already seen a couple dozen patients with new variant symptoms. She said most of them just felt tired and that half of them were people who were unvaccinated. She said the child with the high pulse had a fever as well, but was better within a couple of days.

This is good news, since most of the people who had symptoms were people who weren’t vaccinated. The doctor said most of her concerns about the new variant lie with people who are older or people with other morbidities.

But if you look at Dr. Fauci, you’d think this was the worst thing to ever happen, as every single address to the nation is chock full of fearmongering agenda. Fauci says the variant is already inside the United States, even though it hasn’t been detected here yet.

The new virus already has a large number of mutations, which has many experts concerned about the efficacy of vaccines against the virus. Pfizer is already testing their vaccine against the newest strain of the deadly Coronavirus.

Author: Wendy Hamm