The Billionaire Behind America’s Massive Crime Wave Will Surprise You

Billionaire George Soros gave huge financial support to an organization involved with the defund the police movement, making him partially responsible for the massive surge of violent crime ravaging American cities across the nation.

The wealthy puppetmaster, known to regularly bankroll Democrat attorneys and candidates, gave a $1 million donation to the Color of Change PAC, an organization which proudly wears the label of the country’s largest online racial justice group on their sleeve.

The million-dollar donation was the single largest offering of Soros for the 2021 election cycle, and was used to pursue efforts that slash police budgets.

The group wrote a petition, demanding action against police departments, citing the deaths of several high-profile Black deaths, they claim that “police violence have left us… outraged [and]… stronger than ever.” They add that they will hold the Minneapolis Police “accountable,” and push for “systemic changes… to change… policing forever.”

The worst line from the group reads “policing doesn’t keep us safe,” as an alternative to a police force, they argue that “communities” are the true key to safety. The statement says that police forces must be divested and dismantled because they “unjustly harm Black people,” and that money should be spend on “investment” in their communities.

Soros’ massive donation is just the most recent in a long string of financial support for groups and candidates that advocate the abolishment or defunding of police, alongside candidates who are soft on crime generally.

Soros Donated $2 million to George Gascon’s campaign, a Los Angeles District Attorney who now faces a recall effort after attempting a radical reform to the criminal system.

The Progressive megadonor is also the financial backbone several other local prosecutor races throughout the nation, such as Kim Gardner of Missouri, who gave early release to 34 out of 36 people arrested on charges related to last years summer riots in her city. Soros also backs District Attorney Larry Krasner of Philadelphia, who sacked 31 prosecutors from his own office and also demanded that police groups dramatically cut prosecutions and hem down parole and probation periods. Continuing the list, Kim Fox of Chicago, was responsible for bringing an end to felony prosecutions for a slough of crimes, and also deferred many prison sentences. Lastly, Rachael Rollins of Massachusetts, who’s entire political platform was run on weak enforcement and the decriminalization of a broad range of offenses.

Author: Gabe Price