The American Flag Is Now a ‘Racist Symbol Of Hatred’ — According To Liberals

Black Lives Matter’s Utah chapter issued an official and scathing criticism of individuals who fly the American flag, describing the stars and bars as “a symbol of hatred.”

The chapter’s public statement declared that a person flying the American flag “is not safe to be around,” adding that everyone who flies the American flag “is a racist.” They continued by stating that they “question your intelligence… avoid you,” if they spot an individual supporting or displaying the flag.

People quickly reacted to the statement, finding it offensive and ignorant. Chapter spokespersons responded by calling critics “racists,” and telling them that their voices “will not be heard here.” They warned that any critical comments would result in an immediate deletion, blocking, and an automatic donation of “$1 to AOC’s election campaign” with every “racist that we block.”

BLM Utah went on a spree of lengthy and insulting comments aimed at people who disapproved of their rejection of the flag, simply rebuking them as “Karens,” who don’t care about black lives. The chapter also swore the total destruction of systems which they allege perpetuate racism.

They went on a tirade about how critics were “triggered” by discussions of racism, claiming, as if they were psychics, that the fact that people responded to the desecration and rejection of the American flag is a signal that they are “complicit” with racism and devaluation of black lives. The chapter promised to “proactively destroy” any elements which “marginalize people of color. Period.”

The chapter continued with its apparent tantrum, claiming that black individuals should not have to leave America, but that white people should because “our ancestors built [what] your ancestors were too lazy to,” adding that white people should “go… back to Europe… you are on stolen land.”

While radical, violent, and totally unproductive, the BLM Utah chapter’s statements closely mirror those coming from top Democrat officials such as Representative Maxine Waters and Representative Cori Bush, who used the 4th of July weekend to whine about the United States and bash the Declaration of Independence.

Author: Nick Phelps