The American Empire Is Fallen — And There’s Only One Person To Blame

The American people have always been known for their courage. Whether their ancestors came across an ocean or a land bridge to get here, came here because they thought they didn’t have any other options, or even came here by force, it took a certain tenacity to survive. We fought a war for independence against Britain, and fought two World Wars all in the name of freedom. The bravery and work ethic and strong ties to morality help build one of the greatest nations in the world.

So when is it that fear started governing our policies? When did the fingers of deceit take hold around the neck of America’s greatness?

The COVID pandemic certainly might be the first thing you think of. Even thought the likelihood of surviving the virus is at 99%, the entire nation has been grappling with complete irrational panic. It’s been 18 months and we are nowhere close to returning back to normal.

What’s worse is that the government is constantly sending mixed messages. Masks work, no they don’t. The virus came from bats, just kidding it’s a lab leak. Lockdowns for the public but not elitists. The same people who refused to get the vaccine when Trump was in charge are now angry that Americans are exercising their right to choose and won’t get vaccinated.

No one is being honest about the virus, and conversations are strictly forbidden when it comes to questioning any of it. Even medical professionals aren’t allowed to ask questions or provide information on the virus of vaccines without big tech and Uncle Sam coming into to silence and censor them. Big tech is now like a branch of the government, policing information as it gets to the public. Which, of course, has public trust at an all-time low.

And that’s not all. Violence runs rampant in the streets in the forms of ‘peaceful activists’ and woke vigilantes. Everyone in America is subject to wokeism as all of our legal decisions are based on a small minority of gender-confused maniacs. Little girls can’t use the bathroom without fear of a man coming in next to them. Russia and China are licking their chops, waiting for the crucial moment to attack.

And who’s to blame for all of this? Biden and his cronies. Dark days are ahead for America, until Trump finds his rightful place back in office.

Author: Billy Crandall