Texas Congressman Reveals Mass Media Coverup Scandal

The Democratic Party is reliant on the legacy media structure to hide the human rights catastrophe at the southern border, an issue which would gravely undermine President Biden’s standing with voters more than any other issue. Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) said that Democrats are pushing the old-news giants “to stop talking about it.” He says that the hope of Democrats is that if the mainstream media stops talking about the problem, “it will go away.”

The Biden administration has been fending off the border problem since day one, attempting to rebrand the crisis as a mere “challenge” while deliberately controlling what the media and elected representatives are allowed to see.

Vice President Harris who was assigned as the primary overseer of the border “challenge” has yet to visit the region in person despite having been appointed two months ago.

According to Jackson, the reason Harris is avoiding the Rio Grande is because she recognizes “the border is a disaster” and furthermore, doesn’t want to associate herself with it.

The media seems largely content to let the matter lie, after years of besmirching former President Trump for “kids in cages.” This is despite 43% of Pew Research Center polled American’s expressly declaring that they believe the immigration crisis has been covered too little.

American’s have widespread disapproval of Biden’s management of the border, again, Pew Research revealed that 68% of Americans, of those, 39% of Democrats, called Biden’s response at the border “somewhat,” or “very bad.”

The public relations disaster though is hardly the most dangerous face of the border crisis.

April witnessed more illegal crossings into the US than any other time in the past 21 years. In total, Border Patrol dealt with 178,622 attempted border crossings last month, as the number of crossings continues to accelerate under Biden’s weak border enforcement.

Jackson said “we’re overwhelmed,” pointing out that “March was a record. . . as well.” He highlighted the potential consequences of such massive and uncontrolled immigration, warning that there will be “a health care crisis. . . criminal and terrorism crisis,” and a “huge burden. . . economically” for America.

Despite the severity and undeniability of the problem, the White House continues to pretend that there’s hardly a problem at all, with Press Secretary Jen Psaki claiming that the negative press surrounding the border crisis is just a consequence of “components of social media. . . these days.”

However, even Democrats who live closer to the border agree that the immigration issue merits the title of “crisis.”

Author: Frank Shaw