Telling Poll Reveals All — Americans Sick Of Left-Wing Propaganda

CNN’s ratings are in freefall as viewers abandon the network in droves.

Joe Concha from The Hill explains that in recent days, CNN failed to have any program reach above 900,000 viewers with most primetime broadcasting averaging under 800,000. By comparison as he points out, the month of January saw an average of 2.74 million viewers, meaning that in Concha’s words, over “two-thirds of the audience [is] gone.”

Concha then tweeted a graph demonstrating his point.

CNN’s ratings during the primetime hours of 8-11 p.m. represent a small fraction of what major competitor Fox News brought in. The right-bent news network never fell below 1.6 million viewers with “Tucker Carlson Tonight” leading with figures of almost 2.7 million.

In January, CNN experienced a ratings rise as they covered the exit of former president Donald Trump, the Jan. 6 capitol riot and Joe Biden’s transition into the White House. Following that month however, after slamming Republicans for concerns over election fidelity and blaming Trump for the riot, their ratings fell apart.

Without a GOP punching bag to strike at, the audience lost all engagement, and further worsening their media model — designed around bashing Trump — social media banned Trump, ending the minute-by-minute coverage of his public presence.

In April, Project Veritas released footage from a sting operation where they caught a CNN producer explaining how the network uses it’s coverage to help Democrats and harm Republicans.

Author: Ted Jones

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