Ted Cruz Puts The Final Nail In Biden’s Coffin

Top Republican Senator, Ted Cruz, shredded President Biden in a letter last weekend after he intentionally blocked reporters and other media outlets from seeing all of his “failures” at the border.

Cruz and eighteen of his colleagues became firsthand witnesses to the Biden-caused economic, humanitarian and health crisis. Cruz took aim at the President for his lack of transparency after the visit, blasting him for blinding America to the magnitude of the border crisis for fear of what it would do to his “reputation.”

Reporters from all around the country accompanied the senator and his colleagues, but were all Blocked from pictures and video thanks to the Biden administration’s totalitarian policies.

Cruz didn’t hold back in his letter, either. He told Biden and all of America about the deplorable conditions in Biden’s camps. Children crammed into cages so small they are unable to move. Babies and toddlers subject to abuse by the traffickers who brought them there. COVID-infected immigrants crammed into every corner of these horrific ‘camps.’

But no reporters were allowed to see this, and that makes one thing very clear. Biden doesn’t actually care about the human suffering his policies are causing, he only cares about looking good to voters.

Author: James Colvin

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