Ted Cruz Dishes Out The Ultimate Insult To Cry-Baby AOC

Ted Cruz, a Republican Senator from Texas, just challenged the queen of the ‘Squad,’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat from New York, to go in front of Biden’s cages and cry as the southern border crisis continues to rage on.

In an interview over the phone with fox new, Cruz ripped into Biden and his handling of the crisis at the border before directing his rage at AOC for the photo she took beside a border facility in Texas as she shed crocodile tears, all in the name of bashing President Trump, who was the President at the time.

The enraged senator challenged Biden, AOC and Kamala Harris, as well as other democrat to head down to the southern border and go see all the cages that Biden had created for themselves.

Cruz says that AOC gained massive fame while she pretended to cry in from of the child-filled cages under trump. But now that Biden is in charge, you don’t see any tear coming form her. He challenged all of them to head down and seem them now, because the cages are larger and have many more people in from of them.

Cruz said he wants to see AOC cry in front of Biden’s cages. He said he wants to see Joe, Kamala or Jen Psaki try to say there’s no crisis at the border as they are standing right in from of Biden’s migrant cages.

He says the democrats are lying and using the liberal media as a tool to cover form them and their lies.

Cruz also says that the simple fix to the crisis Biden has created at the border is to return to the policies that actually work, the policies that President Trump created and implemented.

He also torched the ailing President for his attack on Border Patrol agents, and his promise to make them pay for just doing the job they were employed to do. He keeps spreading this lie that the agents had whips, but in fact, they were just reins for the horses. Cruz says this is low, even for the White House.

Neither the White House or AOC responded for comment on Cruz’s comments.

Author: Ruth Barns