Tech Giant Will Never Recover After Cover-Up Exposed

Facebook censorship just reached a new low. Former president Trump starred as a guest interview for his daughter-in-law Lara Trump’s new podcast. The Facebook video of the exchange was deleted from the tech giant’s website because they claim that any content which contains “the voice of Donald Trump.” must be purged from the platform.

Facebook permanently banned Trump from their social media platform back in January.

Last Tuesday, Lara Trump, who also acts as a Fox News contributor, shared an image on Instagram that contained herself and her father-in-law Trump, inviting viewers to “Join us tonight!”

Trump officials received emails from a Facebook employee, warning them that “the voice of President Trump” is not allowed on Instagram / Facebook, “including new posts with. . . Trump speaking.”

The Facebook staff further warned that should they share any of Trumps words, that the post would be removed and the account which posted it would receive “additional limitations.”

Lara Trumps Facebook page went ahead and posted the video, and it was shortly thereafter removed.

Lara received an email from Facebook which explained the posts removal on the aforementioned terms. She shared the email on her Instagram account. The authenticity of the exchange was confirmed by Fox News sources.

Trump has been banned from all major social media providers, as Big Tech continues to block out conservative voices on their platforms.

But a Trump senior adviser, Jason Miller, teased earlier in the month that Trump would be making a return.

Miller was not able to provide details, but he revealed that Trump had been meeting with “numerous companies” to help him build his own social media platform.

“This new platform is going to be big,” He predicted, claiming that the social media website will quickly draw “tens of millions of people.”

Author: Steve Baker

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